I am available for data analysis and visualization consulting projects. In addition to the KML (Google Earth) work displayed on this site, I can work with R (statistical programming language), SQL (database), and TIBCO Spotfire (data visualization and delivery). I have industry-specific experience in the energy industry – both O&G and renewables. For more information about my background, please visit my LinkedIn page.

Everything in the WorldPower Map is the result of an automated process, written in R. I keep the entity (field, pipeline, etc.) information in a database, read it into R, and process it into the final KML file. Even my logo was created in R. Simply put, if you want to do something interesting with data, I can probably help you. Send me an email at

Here are a few examples of work that I have done. Using the same code that creates the WorldPower Map, I created a 3D layout of the turbines in an Arizona wind farm. This model assists with site layout planning, facilitates conversations between stakeholders, and allows visual impact of project on landscape to be understood clearly.

Wind Farm Model

I can create flat maps as well. Here, I mapped the refineries in the WorldPower Map dataset (>200 Bbl/Day), colored by country.

Large Refinery Locations

Then I added in a contoured heatmap of the density of large refineries around the world. The result shows that there are concentrations along the US Gulf coast, Northern Europe, the Persian Gulf, and the East China Sea.

Large Refinery Locations

Specific areas of expertise include:
  • Data processing automation (anything you do in Excel can be done faster and on a larger scale in R)
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Text mining
  • Real-time Twitter analysis